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Distinguishing Features

◆ Teaching feature

Our department stresses on the combination of theory and practice, not only teaching the traditional knowledge of civil engineering but also emphasizing the introduction of new technology and ideas. Our department has joint cooperation with the engineering companies from the industries. The students are encouraged to pass the English examination, the test for the application of computer software and to obtain the professional survey license. Students are arranged to have their internship with the civil engineering companies in the second semester of their senior year, which could replace the probation period in their career. It enables the students to get more understanding of the engineering practice and also helps them to get their career started smoothly.

◆ Research feature

Preparedness against natural calamities is the focal point of our department. The thoughts of disaster control and sustainable management are integrated into the aspects of structures、geotechnical、construction management、survey、application of spatial information、coastal space. The purpose is to cultivate the civil engineering professional, to reduce the threats from all sorts of natural calamities and lay the foundation for extended development in Taiwan. As to the research work, it is based on the current foundation of the research work done by the faculties, focused on following subjects that is related to engineering technology and disaster prevention,
 1. The research and application of the geotechnical disaster prevention technology.
 2. The design and assessment of earthquake-resistant of structures.
 3. The development and application of the non-destructive testing techniques.
 4. The restoration and reinforcement of structures.
 5. The application of geo-spatial information in disaster mitigation.
 6. The warning and mitigation of coastal disaster.
 7. Inundation model and potential disaster tendency analysis
 8. The control of calamities and risk management.