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Course and Curriculum

◆ Undergraduate

The courses and curriculum for undergraduate program of the civil engineering department offer the courses for construction engineering、field operation、quality control and construction management. There are four fundamental characteristics in the design of courses; balanced professional techniques and fundamental theories、 both state of the art and traditional engineering techniques are combined、urban civil engineering and traditional civil engineering are blended、localization and internationalization are advanced in the meantime. For the consideration of students who might plan to pursuit a more advanced study in a specialized area or who might just choose to enter the professional work force, the undergraduate courses must satisfy the fundamental requirements and contain flexibilities. That is why the undergraduate students are required to take both the fundamental and professional courses. Besides, engineering job sites touring and seminar by persons from the professional field are arranged every semester, the students are expected to have more understanding of the professional work and be capable of solving problems.  

◆ Graduate

The graduate courses curriculum integrated the concepts of disaster management, (including disaster reduction、relief preparation、rescue operation、rehabilitation). The developments of the application technology for disaster prevention are promoted, the importance of both the theory and practice are emphasized. The students are cultivated to be with the idea of disaster prevention and the professional object view of sustainable developments. Based on above with the characteristics of engineering techniques and disaster prevention, the courses curriculum are in two categories, one is in the category of engineering techniques, another one is the category of technology for disaster prevention.

◇ Engineering techniques

The key focus for the research and development of the techniques for prevention of engineering disaster, the management, the inspection and reinforcement are combined with structures, material, management, construction of the traditional civil engineering. Special attentions are also paid to the disasters occurred during the construction and service stages of the structures for architectures, bridges, tunnels and embankments. The engineering technology are studied and developed for the prevention of disaster, the inspections, the damage control and the reinforcement after calamities.

◇ Technology for disaster prevention

Due to the highly changeable and frequent occurrence of natural disaster, the key focus of this division is to emphasize the research and development for the applications for warning and planning of disaster prevention、rescue and rehabilitation for different natural calamities. The goal is to combine the traditional professional knowledge and techniques of civil engineering in geotechnical、hydraulic、survey、soil and water conservation to perform effective disaster management for the natural calamities that caused by typhoon、 mudslide and inundation.